Every Form of Violence in Dramas against Women

I have started watching again Pakistani dramas after many years, even before I was not to much involve aside of the Humsafar drama that I watched. So I started again to watch dramas since last week only and I watched a few.


Gul E Rana

I was quite dumbfounded and sad to see that many pakistani dramas are advocating violence against women. Whatever it is physical, sexual or mental violence.

Dramas such as Gul-e-Rana or Sangat, even Bashar Momin show to young viewers an image of violence against women being a positive element in a relationship.Which is completely false, who wants to spend his/her life with someone that beats you up, that insult you , that has no respect for you? No one sane, of course!

First, if there is any form of violence against a woman, then the society , media , the people and both parties involve see it as the fault of the woman. However, it is not. The person who decides to use violence is the only person that should be held responsible and be punished unlike how the current situation is where women are punished. The message is wrong.

Secondly, if a  man beats a woman, it does not mean he likes her, on the contrary it is only  a game of power, where the perpetrator wants to have power and dominance over the victim. Many dramas now shows that it is fine for the masoom girl to suffer physical or mental violence because in the end she will be happily married to the guy who beats her up and he would have changed. A beater stays a beater, a rapist stays a rapist he will  not change. The intention and act remain, violence is the opposite of equality and respect and the absence of dioalgue between two people. It is no where near love.  In pakistani dramas, many girls are perceive as victims for a violence by a father or another man. The girls are vulnerable, weak and defenseless -elements that are not on their favors at all when it comes to protect themselves.

In the drama Tum Mere Kia Ho, Hina was about to get married to a older and sexiest man (not her choice) but it got cancelled and some other events led him to  barge at night  in his house : threated her,  take her by the arm with violence and wanted to try eventually rape her (I think) and take away her izaat. Hopefully, it did not happenned, even thoguh she was svaed buy the main charcater Umer, it is still wrong to show so much violence against women.  It is called gratuitous violence .  Pakistani dramas should show more female empowerment, someone on tumblr showed Gul E Rana as a form of empowerment, I was pretty annoyed,how can that sick situation where the  girl is forced to marry a man and has to keep quiet a form of empowerment?

Thirdly, Rape is not a form of love, it is a sick and disgusting acts done by the rapist, where the victim has no responsiblity. When someone is raped in pakistani society that person is at fault and is being seen as if she/he has the plague!  Dramas should not show this violence as positive but rather condemn it, not turn the rapist into a role model, not someone that should be cared for or forgiven . Blurring the lines between what is right and what is wrong is not going to help the society and especially not  the young  minds of naive girls who are praising the main character of  Gul e Rana.

Lastly, if a woman  is obsessive over a man as in Bheegi palkein or Tum Mere Kia Ho , the second characters in both shows are is shown as very obsessive, ready to do anything to get the guy just for the sake of “owning” him or his name. It is good clearly show it as wrong,and sick but  then why have a double standard when it comes to men? Just because it is a man who is obssessive, stalking it is okay?! It is not  right for a man to behave this way.

Women are human being, you can talk to them, no need to harass, stalk or use violence;

And when a girl says no, it Actually means NO.



7 thoughts on “Every Form of Violence in Dramas against Women

  1. veganbadass says:

    Great informative article!
    Like I told you, those violence done to women in serials, are written by women, after decades of seeing those almost-aggression situations, and finding them exciting and romantic because the guy ends up saving the girl. But, that means this recipe that keeps viewers glued to their screen cos it’s got suspense, highlights the main guy’s virility by making the girl suffer a trauma. In real life, the girl would be traumatized forever. It is sad that those clichés situations are overused in shows that are widely watched, because truth is, if there is no need for violent situation to bring the two lovebirds together. The guy could simply support the girl or talk to her in order to get close to her. No need to save her for that result. She could save herself. And I hope to see one day a show where the girl saves herself from a scary situation, on her own. Until then, the same old recipe will be used in most Asian shows (lakorns are worse, it’s often the main guy that almost rapes the girl yet he is considered “misunderstood”), because it WORKS when it comes to making girls’ heart flutter.
    It’s up to us to teach boys not to tease or hurt girls, and to teach girls that when a boy is mean to her it doesn’t mean he likes her. Otherwise all her life she will misunderstand angts for love and look for heart fluttering situations where she is mistreated.
    It’s all about education.

    • MomentSereins says:

      XDThanks for commenting, I actually forgot about the lacorns, yes they are pretty unsettling.
      I agree a relationship about talking to one another not trying about saving the girl and BAM she loves you. This is only in fairytales.
      Besides, it creates an image of a strong and very “male” man , which puts lots of pressure on men as well. And girls have to learn how to survice instead of being the Bechari girls on tv, it shows a very weak image of women. They should learn how to defend themselves :sport for instance.
      It is all in the education, boys and girls should be thaught about self respect, self confidnece and line between what is right and wrong.

  2. Sadaf says:

    great article and wow I wish I could write so well in a second language so Brava !! This is a very common theme of late and I am sure is showing the desperation of some channels for ratings . Yes most of these dramas are written by women for women . I think it is a very deep psychological level a lot like the “fifty shades of Grey” phenomenon ” the women can watch these actions at a safe distance . Women are trained to accept this kind of nonesese from Bollywood , Hollywood and the standard romance fiction . I think it is time we called these writers and these producers out .

    • MomentSereins says:

      Hello Sadaf, Shukriya so uch :DD Your compliment really touched me. This pheneomen of women not only accepting these behaviors but also teaching (it is the women’s fault if she was raped ),it to the new generation. And you mentionned can I think go in the following category : pheonomen in which the mothers instead of the fathers who forces the girls and boys to behave by “tradition” is called “it is called the reproduction of gender”(translation from French). I will just in case my sociology teacher once i have socio class about the right notion, just in case and I will let you know, which might not be any time soon. (maybe few weeks). Yes, because , it is “not real” and it is a “drama”, they do not take it as a personal issue, or are not feeling amphatie for the female character. It is some sort of sadistic or machosit thing. I was highly disapointed to see women watch this movie, and even read it on the underground (métro in France).

  3. Aaliya says:

    Hey there I agree with you on woman violence in Pakistani drama’s I have seen the 3 shows like Bashar Momin, Sangat & Gul E Rana that promoted woman violence. Sometimes I just trend to look at it as fictions as some of them are not realistic.

    That Tum Mere Kia one scene didn’t effected me much as she was saved by the main character. Things like rape and physical abuse are not justified when Adeel slapped Rana pissed me off but I loved her words for him and how she give it back I wouldn’t call it empowerment but what she said was bang on…

    Currently on air many drama’s have Bichari girls and good for nothing husbands & love triangles which needs to be changed!!

    I follow both Bheegi palkein and Tum Mere Kia Ho both the second female lead are shown too obsessed and tries to make the female leads life hell. But Tum Mere kia ho is much better and more tolerable than Bheegi palkein where they’re hardly scenes and interactions between the leads. Fari character have more screenspace and dialogues than Hassan & Meherbano.

    • MomentSereins says:

      Hello, Shurkriya for dropping by and letting me know your view on the matter. I must say this gratuitous violence against women has no place on TV,as it inspire boys and girls. The first believe, it is what he should do to get a girl, and the latter that it is common, normal that a man behave like this, more than 50% of women in a Pakistani survey believe that the violence is the woman’s fault ( she deservesit) It is an old mentality that has not fade away yet. Concerning the dramas, I follow both, I think alos there is a lack of dialogue between the main pairing and also communication. If they don’t interact, how can they possibly evolve their relationship? And the second girl is showing a bad image of women in general and really getting on my nerves. In Bheegi Palkein, both old ladies are siding with Farhee and being blinded, they are too focused on Meherbano’s bewa status, which is not her fault at all.

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